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10 Day Detox

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Drs Shamanie Haneca and Chris Frykman have been guiding people to greater levels of health and vitality through the use of targeted nutrition and research-based detoxification for over 25 years combined.

You’ve got some Options…


Option 1:  “Just the Basics”

Awesome, Deep-Cleansing, 10 Day Detox Program in a Small Group Coached environment.  Everything you see in the embedded PDF above.  This is an online course so it doesn’t matter where you live!  We are here for you.

Option 2:  Detox with Friends & Family

It’s always better to DETOX with a family member or friend.  There’s more power in a group and more fun.  When one of us has a hard day the rest of us can be there to pull our friends along.  Dr. Frykman and Dr. Haneca will be joining you on this DETOX journey.  Have a family member or friend sign up and you’ll both save $50.  This is Option 2 below. 

Option 3:  VIP Program

If you desire extra support, we’re here for you.  Have the doctors schedule 3 personal coaching sessions with you.  Tailor the program so it works for you.  We can meet face to face, via FaceTime or Skype or over the phone.  You can choose to join the rest of the group, or forego the group and just work with us personally.  The choice is yours.  What’s best for you?  This is Option 3 below.

Upcoming Dates

 May 5thFull

August 4th


-Limited to the First 20 Participants-

Detox supplements included with every option.




Comments (6)

  • Lynne Ellis


    Would love to try this cleanse to feel better.


    • Dr Chris Frykman


      Lynne – we’d love to have you. We only have 3 spots left and we have to shut registration down today.


  • Dani


    How often do you run the 10 Day Detox Program? I’m interested but not able to start next week due to my travel schedule…


    • Dr Chris Frykman


      You have 3 options Dani.

      1) You can go through your own personalized detox program. This is the VIP option listed on this page. This option would include 3 one on one coaching calls with either Dr Haneca or Dr Frykman plus the detox kit which includes the supplements.

      2) You can purchase the group course and do it at any time, only by yourself. The difference is that you won’t have access to the FB group and you won’t have the option to be on the coaching calls. You WILL have access to the recorded calls AS WELL AS unlimited email access to Dr Haneca and myself.

      3) You can wait until March 10th. We have scheduled our next 10-day-detox course for March 10th. The advantage here is that you’ll be able to do it for just $249 AND you’ll be on the calls with us and another group. If you choose this option, I recommend you register and pay now to save your spot.

      Three great options. Just depends on your needs and desires.


  • Dr Chris Frykman


    Check out the Success of the 10 Day Detox!
    See what others who were just through it had to say!

    “I am in LOVE with how I am feeling!

    “I had been unable, despite my greatest efforts, to get my health back on track for over 3 years! I found, I actually started to hate myself, where I live, and well just EVERYTHING!! My sister encouraged me to speak to Dr. Haneca. I had felt so in despair with illness that I could not even think of my blessings anymore. I wondered if this was who I would be for the rest of my life! I Facebooked Dr. Haneca and she wanted to speak to me. When we spoke, I broke down realizing that I should have called her sooner! She told me she could help! That we would make my light shine again! She explained the Detox and encouraged me to try it.
    I WAS IN!! Either I was going to get better or die! I have a lot of plans and they are ALL above ground!
    I thank each of you in this group for having the courage and helping hold me accountable!
    Thank you Dr. Haneca and Dr. Frykman.
    This has been so HUGE for me! I feel AMAZING! I have not felt this way for at least 3 years! My brain is not foggy, I have almost NO PAIN! I have energy! I wake up in the morning after a good night sleep feeling refreshed! I feel clean….if that makes any sense! People are noticing change! My mood is amazing! I’m not feeling hopeless or depressed! I am actually accomplishing household chores without fatigue, pain or disgust! I have Patience! I have LIFE!!!
    I hope everyone can experience this Vitality! I hope it just keeps getting better for each of us!”


  • Marisa


    My husband and I just finished up the Clear Change 10 Day Detox with the Docs. This was the first time. I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect and felt a little anxious. However, all my anxieties were over within minutes of beginning. Dr. Haneca and Dr. Frykman helped make our first detox a success. The detox came with an easy to follow plan that included instructions, recipes, group phone calls with the docs, a private facebook group, encouragement, and more. I was impressed that the doctors treated each person individually, customizing the detox plan if needed. Going through this detox helped my husband and I feel healthier. I have been experiencing a energy boost, noticing this especially towards the evening, when I usually fizzle out. I’m not dragging by the end of the day anymore. I also feel that my mind is clear, lighter in a sense, with no headaches for over 10 days now (highly unusual for me). My husband wanted to partake in this detox to help improve his health. He wanted to lose a few pounds without starving, and he wanted to begin a journey that would help him stop adding toxins into his body. He smoked and drank excessive amounts of pop/soda. I can now say he lost 15 pounds and has been smoke and pop free for over 12 days now. That’s exciting, at least for us!! I would highly recommend this detox. Looking forward to the next time! Thank you Dr. Haneca and Dr. Frykman for your professionalism and sharing your vast amount of knowledge with my husband and I!


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