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Dr Chris Frykman & Dr Shamanie Haneca

Dr Chris Frykman, Life Changer

Chiropractor in Minneapolis, MN: Dr Chris

“My passion is empowering others to live their Vibrant Potential”

I graduated in 2004 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic.  Since then I’ve co-owned two clinics, and founded two.  Now located in Tangle Town, South Minneapolis I spend every day promoting vitality. I empower others to live their maximum potential and desire through chiropractic care and functional neurology, education and coaching, and being an example. On my best day I transform peoples lives by providing breakthrough results that last.

I am also the functional neurology consultant for a clinic in Longmont, Colorado.

trUe north health coaching is an exciting new venture for me.  I’ve been coaching people to new levels of health for over a decade, both in my practice and online.  Now, partnering with Dr Haneca, we can reach more people, empower more people to live their dreams.

my girlsDr Frykman: A Father

I have three daughters, Kara (13), Nora (8), Emma (6). Some of our favorite pastimes are riding our bicycles to the beach or the park, playing boardgames (Kara and I love to play Stratego and Chess), and reading together. Nora and Emma are currently loving ballet.  Kara loves to play music.  She sings, plays clarinet, piano, and we love playing guitar together.

Here are my beautiful girls, my pride and joy, showing off their unique personalities.

A Tri-athlete: Chiropractor Dr. Chris Frykman

Dr Frykman: A Triathlete

Everyone needs a past time. For me it’s triathlon. Triathlon provides me an outlet to relieve mental stress. Training is terrific exercise for staying healthy.  I enjoy the variety it adds as well as the social outlet.  This past year I bicycled to the top of Mount Evans just outside Denver with my brother and a small group of friends.  In 2007 I  received my level 1 USAT certification in triathlon coaching. I love blending my passion of sport and health in my coaching.


Founder & Doctor of Chiropractic | Transforming Chiropractic  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Functional Neurology Consultant | Aspen Chiropractic and Wellness Center  Longmont, Colorado
Functional Medicine Specialist & Functional Neurologist | trUenorth Health Coaching   Nationwide Online


Northwestern Health Sciences University B.S. Human Biology
Northwestern Health Sciences University  Doctor of Chiropractic
Additional Training Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition
Additional Training Functional Neurology
Certified Triathlon Coach

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