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Dr Chris Frykman & Dr Shamanie Haneca

Create Health 2.0

Create Health 2.0

The Secret to a Healthy Life


Learn to Create Health with Drs. Chris Frykman and Shamanie Haneca as they share with you the secrets to a healthy life.

This 4 week class will help you make 2014 the year you commit to yourself to find the health that you deserve.

You will learn to:

  • Stock a natural pantry
  • Discover the secret foods to start enjoying health today
  • Shop Smart as you join us on a grocery store tour at Whole Foods
  • Cook gluten-free, flexetarian foods that you and your family will love.
  • Identify potential roadblocks including food allergies, toxicities, and adrenal fatigue.
  • Explore the impact that stress, sleep and exercise have on your body.

Lastly, the doctors will teach you the value of Functional Medicine and address the need for Targeted Nutrition to help you experience health to the fullest!

You will learn Natural, Powerful solutions to treating conditions like IBS, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Auto-Immune Disease, Diabetes, Heart Disease.

Learn how to identify hidden imbalances and functional problems that are the cause of your health dysfunction and know the secret to fixing them.


“Listen, we know that life can be hard and sometimes health gets put on the back burner.
We want to help you get your health back in 2014.”

Drs Frykman & Haneca will educate, motivate, and inspire you to take care of yourself like you never have before.

Do you want to see a difference in your health?

                                                                        Make 2014 the Healthiest Year Yet.


Huge Value – $199

Sorry – This class is full.  Check back often for our next offering.

                     Here’s what others have said about taking this class:

“I am amazed at the content and quality of this class.  You have really put together something of so much value.  I’m enjoying every minute.”

 “I learned so much in such a short time!!  Awesome Awesome Recipes! I can’t wait to get my kitchen messy!   I love this ECourse so much!!”
 “So happy I signed up for this course – thank you for offering this gift to all of us, far and wide!”
 “This is absolutely amazing! I feel like my motivation to care for myself has been renewed.”
 “ Thank you so much for this class!  You made it so easy to learn and care about our health in
your straightforward and caring approach.  I am empowered to search for answers and take charge of my own health.  There were several eye-opening moments where I thought, “Why don’t we all know this already?”  We’ve always heard “You are what you eat,” but after this class, the little light bulb is truly burning bright.  Thank you again for the wonderful information!”
 “The Create Health ECourse was so enjoyable to watch. The video demonstrations on how to cook gluten free meals, snacks and desserts was especially helpful to me, because I am not a cook. To me cooking is intimidating, so this course inspired me to take a leap forward into the healthy cooking world. The photography and the music was so great.    I’d say, overall this ECourse made me feel this is do-able, this GF lifestyle. Thanks for having a big heart and caring how we feed & treat our bodies!”
“The Create Health  class is a remarkably simple and comprehensive guide to wellbeing.  Not only do they touch upon the importance of whole food, delicious recipes, and easy-to-follow cooking demonstrations, but they also encourages us to take a good look at toxicities found in our homes and environments, as well as the importance of incorporating stress-relief practices into our daily lives.  Furthermore, she also covers the topic of gluten sensitivity/intolerance and is very knowledgeable in reference to diagnosis and testing.  The beautiful photography of the countless healthy recipes are a great inspiration to step into the kitchen and “get cooking.”  My favorites are the Mahi Mah1i Fish Tacos, the Mean Green Smoothie, and the Red Lentil Soup.  (Even my hard-to-please 10 and 7 year olds gobbled up the Fish Tacos and gulped down the Mean Green Smoothie.)
 “ I can’t believe all of the valuable information in each day of the course.  There is wealth of knowledge here.  I especially liked the session on removing road blocks on the road to health.  It helped me realize how important it is to remove the unhealthy chemicals that we can control, like household cleaners, soaps and lotions.  For me, the most important information that I got from the course was about the testing available for food intolerances and nutritional needs.  The PDF’s, recipes and menus are great!
” I was diagnosed with celiac disease 5 years ago.  I am very strictly gluten-free.  I avoid all cross contamination, but I still wasn’t feeling all that great.  I was bothered with intestinal problems and minor rashes quite often.  That is what inspired me to take Dr. Haneca’s course.  The Alcat and NutrEval testing were exactly what I needed to further identify intolerances to foods, seasonings and environmental chemicals.  I am looking forward to much better health!”
” Thanks so much.I have enjoyed the valuable information of the ecourse so much. It has been so educational and applicable to my new lifestyle. The aspect of a video series makes following a healthy lifestyle much more easy to follow. This series has enhanced everything that Dr. Haneca has taught me in her office. And I can watch it over and over until I get it!