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Dr Chris Frykman & Dr Shamanie Haneca

Dr Shamanie Haneca, Life Changer



Dr. Haneca’s passion and purpose is to help people Create Health.  She uses a unique approach in doing this.  

She treats patients in Longmont,  Colorado and also offers her services through Health Coaching nationwide.
She has 13 years of clinical experience and her passion is Functional Medicine.  She uses Functional Medicine and a coaching style that offers you problem specific, personalized answers to your current health challenges.

She LOVES helping people find health through Lifestyle Medicine and giving her patients/clients the power to gain their health back.  She specializes in Chronic Disease including Digestive Problems, Fatigue, Weight Loss, Auto-immune Diseases, Hormone Issues,  Allergies, Children’s Issues including Behavioral and Food Intolerances, Migraines, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, and loss of Vitality.  

She uses a diverse array of Functional Medicine testing to give you objective data to map a course that will lead you back to health.  She finds out why your body isn’t functioning and she helps to identify those offenders that are getting in the way of your health.  She also finds out what your body needs and helps to promote adding these back into your life with support and encouragement along the way.  She brings a confidence with her experience that teaches patients that it’s never too late to gain health.  She addresses all areas of your life to set a plan that brings balance back to your life.  

Dr. Haneca has taken Chiropractic and Functional Medicine  to the third world country of Jamaica. She led and organized two  mission trips to serve and treat over 500 special needs children who live in an orphanage, as well as people of the surrounding communities of Kingston, Jamaica. She plans to do more mission trips in the future.

She offers Ecourse’s on a variety of topics to teach and empower people all over the world about a different approach to health and life.  She wants you to know that you too can Create Health and live the life that was intended for you…a life of HEALTH, ENERGY and VITALITY.  

She is a mother of three children and lives in Longmont. Colorado.  She loves to enjoy the beauty of nature, loves to spend time with her family and friends, loves reading and playing piano as well as writing music. She loves CrossFit and biking and running.


Doctor of Chiropractic at Aspen Chiropractic and Wellness Center Longmont, Colorado
Doctor of Chiropractic at East West Health Center Denver, Colorado
Functional Medicine Specialist at trUenorth Health Coaching   Nationwide Online


Northwestern Health Sciences University B.S. Human Biology
Northwestern Health Sciences University  Doctor of Chiropractic
Additional Training Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition