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Dr Chris Frykman & Dr Shamanie Haneca


trUe north health coaching is committed to helping your find YOUR trUe north by providing Better Health at Better Prices.  To achieve this we JAM pack our video e-courses with salient information and simple, easy-to-implement strategies so you can make serious life changes at your pace.  We offer small group coaching to select individuals that are ready for change. Will you join us?


Very Important Person Implementation Programs are an answer to trUe north’s clients requesting a more personalized approach to mobile health coaching.

“trUe north clients are sophisticated.  They understand the answers lie within themselves.  AND they know they want help.  Sometimes the supportive environment we foster in our small groups provides the comfort they need –  knowing they aren’t going through this alone.  Sometimes it takes a little more to propel them to their health goals.  This is how our VIP’s were born.”  – Dr Chris Frykman

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