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Nutrition Testing Test or Guess?


 Test or Guess?

We offer a Specialized lab test from Genova Diagnostics that delivers precise insights about the way your nutrition and your environment impact your body.  Science has come A LONG WAY and we are so excited about offering this test to YOU!  This test gives us insight and personalized intervention to help YOU get your health back!

As an informed patient, you understand that nutrition is important.  You know that the foods you eat affect your health.  Conversely, the things you do not consume, but perhaps need, may also have a tremendous impact on your body and expression of health. 

That’s why many people take vitamins and supplements to feel better and prevent disease.  While this practice can be beneficial, many variables exist.  It is important to understand which supplements are right for YOUR body, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR circumstances, thus ensuring your unique needs are being met without wasting money on items that could be unnecessary and even harmful. 

Test or Guess? 

We like to TEST! The results are AMAZING!  When you test, you find our what your body needs! 

When you give your body what it needs, IT CAN EXPRESS HEALTH!

With Personalized Nutritional testing with Dr. Haneca, you can find the EXACT answers to your health questions.  This information can help you be on a plan to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH.

Nutritional Imbalances can affect your body in many ways. 

Following are some of the key factors to consider. 


Amino Acids are integral to healthy body chemistry.  They serve as the body’s basic building blocks and are responsible for the production of the bone and muscles.  Balance is critical for proper nerve function, metabolism, detoxification and digestion.  When certain amino acids are too high or low, they can cause fatigue, increased cardiovascular risk, and impair mood and cognitive function.  Once identified, imbalances can be corrected, helping to prevent many chronic illnesses before they can cause severe and lasting damage. 


 You Are What You Eat

This is true when it comes to FAT!  Fats make up the lining of each of our 100 trillion cells!

Fatty Acids are essential to the construction of all cell membranes.  Too little or too much fat can cause health problems.  Reduced levels of certain fats can result in depression, hyperactivity, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, as well as early senility.  In addition, pregnant and lactating mothers should have their fatty acids tested to ensure their children receive the fats needed for proper brain and nerve development.  Measurement is the ONLY means to determine your individual needs. Dr. Oz is talking about the OMEGA 3 index too!  What is yours?  It needs to be between 8-10 optimally!



Minerals in our body serve two functions: one being that they are the building blocks, second being that they are regulators of our body’s processes.  Many of these minerals are derived from the diet, and sometimes minerals are added to the diet as supplements.  Some minerals can even be toxic.  Magnesium, copper and manganese are beneficial.  If proper amounts are not obtained, problems such as joint pain, weight problems, depressed libido, depression or anxiety can occur.  On the other hand, exposure to mercury, lead, arsenic or other heavy metal can be harmful causing FATIGUE, EMOTIONAL DISTURBANCES, EVEN RENAL FAILURE.  Laboratory testing can provide valuable information about your health.


Antioxidants are protectors molecules that reduce free radical damage or oxidative stress.  Free radicals are naturally occurring components in our body that can cause severe injury to cells.  Low levels of antioxidants lessen your protection from these harmful compounds.  Antioxidants are essential for the body’s ability to protect against free radicals and for healthy function of the neurological, endocrine, and immune systems.  Oxidative stress is linked to premature aging, heart disease, neurological diseases and chronic fatigue syndrome.  Lab tests can help us determine if you need more antioxidant protection and EXACTLY how much. 

NUTRITION affects many aspects of your health. Your genes are turned ON or OFF depending on your nutritional status.  Does your body have what it needs to run smoothly and be able to express health?  Or is it just chuggin’ along; barely getting by?

Some of the disease and conditions affected by nutrition are:




Auto-Immune Diseases





Heart Disease

Intestinal Symptoms

(bloating, diarrhea, gas)

Joint Pain




Chronic Gastrointestinal symptoms


Periodontal Symptoms



Poor Wound Healing

Ask YOURSELF these simple questions to see if nutritional testing may be right for you:

Do you take multiple supplements and vitamins or think they may be beneficial?

Do you frequently consume fast food?

Is beef, pork, lamb, or poultry your main source of protein?

Do you consume fish less than twice a week?

Do you have metal tooth filling?

Do you have dry skin or cracked nails?

Do you have trouble with concentration , memory or leaning?

Do you have cuts or wounds that take a long time to heal?

Do you suffer from mood swings?  Do you suffer from fatigue?

Do you have a chronic illness with little to no relief?

Do you have difficulty losing weight?

Do you get sick often or prone to infections?

Do you use margarine or vegetable oils with a long shelf life?

If you want a PERSONALIZED nutrition plan just for YOU, then contact us and let me know that you would like to get the NutrEval test. 

The test can be shipped to anywhere in the U.S. and the results come back in 2-3 weeks.

This test is covered by most insurances. 

If this is the year that you want your health back, then start with asking the right question. 

What Does Your Body REALLY need?

Thanks for sharing this information with your friends and family!