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Dr Chris Frykman & Dr Shamanie Haneca

Triathlon Coaching


Whether just starting out or a seasoned triathlete, trUe north health coaching will help you meet and exceed your goals!


Dr Chris hopping on the bike after transitioning from the swim


Triathlon and fitness coaching through trUe north health coaching is centered around reaching goals, building health, and having fun all at once.  We believe you can have it all.



Dr Chris Frykman ran his first marathon in 2000.  After a painful injury interrupted his training, he decided, “What’s the point of being fit if you don’t have the health to support it?”

Now when Dr Chris guides an athlete through his or her season, he takes the time to get to know every athlete.  Race Goals are important.  There is also a huge emphasis placed on your health so you can stay in the game or move on to play another game.  Nutrition and motivation are also topics that will be discussed.

Dr Chris has raced elite wave triathlon for several years.  He also has experience with crossfit and incorporates high intensity interval training when appropriate.

Athletes enjoy the personal attention they receive from Dr Chris via email, text, FaceTime, and face to face.  Monthly plans are laid out and every day workouts are sent right to your email so you know exactly what to do.


From the Athletes:

I was referred to Dr Chris to help me return to sport after a long leave related to complex injuries. He was very thorough in learning what was best for my individual success and collaborated with me and my care team. Along the way I had another surgery and Dr Chris then redesigned my program to prepare my body for a better recovery post-op. Dr Chris provided me the tools to challenge myself, but always was aware of my specific needs. I would recommend Dr Chris if you are looking for someone who is truly going to take the time and individualize a plan specific to you. Thank you Dr Chris!

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