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Your trUe north

Written by Dr Chris Frykman. Posted in trUenorth Health Coaching Blog


What is your trUe north?

  It is your inner guidance system….it’s that still small voice.

It’s that gut feeling….or that whisper that tells you to go




tells you to stay.

It likes to be heard, and honored.

It likes to lead you.

It likes to point you to truth,

to YOUR truth.


but sometimes for years maybe, it has been neglected.

Maybe you’ve been listening to someone else’s TRUTH,

someone else’s WAY…….

and at the end of your day

….you’re finding that THEIR way,

or THEIR truth,

is JUST not working for YOU.

Finding your trUe north leads to


and it leads to health.

It’s being exactly where you are

and knowing

where you are

is exactly where you are supposed to be.

It’s acceptance of what is and a hope for better things to come.

It’s finding out what YOU need.

It’s letting go of things that are not serving you and your health.

   It’s rediscovering who you have always been

and who, maybe, you forgot you were.

It’s YOUR truth,

It’s YOUR way

         It’s YOUR life that wants to be lived.  TM

It’s all YOU

and It’s about time.


Dr Shamanie Haneca & Dr Chris Frykman

Let us help you find your trUe north.


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